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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Story - Fifteen (Chapter 1)

My friend shared this story with me recently and it, well, got me aroused. I thought you guys might enjoy it though, I hope!

I was fifteen when I thought I saw the girl of my dream.

Never in my dreams would I knew back then I would be spending another 15 years being infatuated with this girl.

It felt weird writing this, brings back so much memories from my growing up years. 

It took quite a bit of digging in my storeroom for copies of my old diaries. I cannot remember the countless weekends I spent smiling to myself as I tried to picture me back when I was in my teens. 

Home was a 3 room flat in bedok off the main street. 

I shared a room with my sister who is 2 years my senior. We squabbled and fight like all siblings but as we grow older, things got better and she would eventually give in to me because I’m her little brother. 

My sister Cheryl was pretty good in her studies, looks decent and I’ve seen a fair share of suitors with their presents and flowers especially during valentine’s day. 

Cheryl underwent a pretty big change when she was in Secondary 4, she just look… different, but still very much my sister. She got taller, breast got fuller and she seemed a little more feminine when she’s not kicking my ass. 

She could still put me in a choke hold if she wanted to. 

She’s quite a gentle and sweet girl in everyone’s eyes but to me, she’s a bit more stern and rough, probably because my parents hardly bothered with my work and results. 

Cheryl pretty much took it upon herself to whip me into shape literally. 

I was in the same secondary school with Cheryl, and it’s weird having people coming up to me all friendly and chatty asking if I’m Cheryl’s brother. 

From the nerdy top student, to the chao ah beng with pungent stale cigarette smoke, they tried to cosy up with me.

I usually just smile and just found an excuse to get myself away from them. 
After all they’re just asking for my phone number.

I’m not exactly good looking, I’m short, a little pudgy, wears a pair of framed specs and i even need to attend some trim and fit club because I’m a tad overweight. 

I’m not embarrassed to say I barely had a strand of pubic hair even in secondary 2. 

I was a late bloomer. 

1998 is a long time ago but I remember that day. The images were still crystal clear. It was in the end of February on the 26th, a Thursday

Cheryl was in the middle of her 3 Month JC induction an I’m fresh in secondary 3

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